Rebuilding Lives Ministry 
 In His Hands Ranch &  Saddlebreds 

Healing  Spirit, Body, Mind & Soul God's Gifts 
The Horse & Our Miraculous Self Healing Body

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Restore the lives of
Seniors, Adults, Children and Horses, alike.
Healing through each others strengths & weaknesses.

We Share "The Word", Our Testamonies and k
nowledge to help with the restoration of ones 
Spirit, Body, Mind and Soul.

The River of Life flows in us all.
It starts out as an emptiness within us.  
The seed is planted and grows till it over flows.
We are created this way each and everyone of us.

Welcome to Our Community

Visit Our

A place where people of all ages are welcome.
Learn to experience from God.
 A Healing Healthy and Whole in Spirit, Body & Soul.

For the Lord, Our God, said,
"My people shall perish from lack of knowledge"

We are blessed with the knowledge and the "Word" that supports
"God's Miraculous Self Healing Bodies" 


     Helping people live the "Word" and Learn about G_D's Miraculous Self Healing Bodies.
    Stop Doing dis-ease, turn the clock back,
 live a vibrant blessed life, feel young again.
     The cure is in the prevention.

                                 WE OFFER

       Educational Seminars and Lectures 

    Witness Pain Relief first hand normally in as little as 10 minutes.....
                    Experience total relaxation  !!!!

      Energize Your Day

Take a barefoot stroll on the beach 
feel the warm sand under your feet and let the sun smile upon your face.

Sit in the park with your bare feet in the green grass while the sun warms your body and soul.

 Enjoy a couple hours with our  horses.,  Feel their love,. Feel their warmth. Receive their gifts, as they help you heal from within.

 Join our Health and Wellness students.
 Learn  "To Live The Good Life Again." 

God's Miraculous Self Healing Body

We offer private and group consultations, seminars, speaking engagements  and classes. 

We help  teach you how the body God
gave us is able to heal itself from
SYMPTOM's of DIS-EASE  and OTHER HEALTH CONCERNS from the inside out.

When the body is in an unbalanced state it becomes weak and susceptible to Dis-ease creating many symptoms.

THE PREVENTION may be the Cure.

Students have said, "I feel renewed,  20 years

DON'T LET (THE) GOLDEN YEARS be SAD with the Standard American Diet. 

* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


Healing From Horses

Hugging a horse has proven to help heal many hurts and illnesses within one's soul. Horses teach us love, patience, repect, understanding  and responsibility.  You can simply watch the horses interact within their own family and learn.

Minister Lynnea Colleen Murphy
Ordained through Joan Hunter Ministries.
Health Ministers, pH Miracle Consultants, Energy for Life and LifeStyle Consultant.

Lynnea Colleen 813-446-8198

Serving Our Father, God As He Leads Us. 
Dear Friends

From the Mountain Tops to the Seashore

West Coast to East Coast

Experience the healing peace from 
 feeling & touching the Horses and  
           other the Ranch Animals.

"In His Hands Ranch &  Saddlebreds"

Lynnea "Colleen" Murphy
Founder of Rebuilding Lives Ministry,
Certified Health Minister,
Alkaline pH Miracle & Wellness Consultant
& Lifestyle Coach, Equine Sport Horse Message Therapist, and  In His Hands Ranch Owner/Trainer.

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